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  5. Corrugated Converters

    Corrugated Converters

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    Reliable packaging solutions

    Paper Packaging

    Greif’s Containerboard division has a proven track record of providing the highest quality and service to a regional and international customer base.  Greif’s Containerboard Mills have the ability to produce a full range of both recycled and virgin fiber Medium, Linerboard, and Specialty Industrial grades.
    Greif has a network of dedicated sheet feeders that manufacture corrugated sheets.   We offer superb board quality, 24-hour lead times, and exceptional customer service.  We manufacture board constructions from single wall to triple wall and offer an array of flutes, paper grades, coatings, and testing services. 
    Need a sustainable alternative to wax coated containerboard?  Greif’s new coating line - GreenGuard offers a recyclable replacement for wax coated containerboard.  Options include:  water, moisture, abrasion, and oil and grease resistance.  GreenGuard is offered in a variety of colors and overprints.

    Paper Packaging